Thread: Bigger projects - Microsoft VS or no ?

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    Exclamation Bigger projects - Microsoft VS or no ?

    Hello, I am about to start bigger project in C and wonder, whether to use Visual Studio or my old IDE - DEV-C.

    Ofcourse VS has a lot of advantages over Dev-C and this question my sound stupid, but there is one big limitation in case of VS which is lack of support for C programming.
    In a matter of fact programming C in VS is just C code compiled in C++ complier, and here is my question, taking into account all pros and cons is it worth to program C inside VS ? Isn't it going to surprise me in some point ?

    Thanks for help.

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    VS C is basically a C89 compiler, so features specific to C99 and later are not included. It does have a good source level debugger.

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