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    Bash script in c

    Hi! I'm trying to call another c program via shell script in c, but it just pop-up and close again.. here's my code:

    char* command = "";        
    char temp[MAX_LENGTH] = "";        
    sprintf(temp, "gnome-terminal -e 'bash -c \"./Isopropyl %s\"'", editor -> filename);
    command = malloc(strlen(temp) + 1);
    if(command == NULL)
    strcpy(command, temp);

    Edit: The title is incorrect I'm sorry, It should be "Shell script in c"
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    You don't need any of that command stuff.

    You can just do system(temp); after the sprintf.

    You should also do
    printf("Cmd=%s\n", temp);
    as well, to verify what you're actually trying to pass off to gnome-terminal.

    You should also verify that Isopropyl is also in the current working directory.
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