Thread: C udp application simulate packet loss

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    C udp application simulate packet loss

    have udp server-client application written in C. On the client side packet loss is detected using recvfrom function and sequence numbers of packets. How can I now simulate dropped packet's on the client side, for example if server is sending 1000 packet I want to drop 20% of them? I want to do this in the code, not for example using ip tables or WANEM or something like that. And one more thing, I have few clients and I want that they can dropped different packets, not the same one.

        nbytes = recvfrom(socket, buffer, MAX_SIZE, 0, (struct sockaddr *) &srv_addr, &addrlen);
            if (nbytes != -1) {
        // packet is received
        //packet is not received

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    the c - side
    On receiving each datagram generate a random number and if the number is in the lower e.g. 80% range let it pass else dump it.

    Different clients should have different sets of passed and dumped datagrams using this method.

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    expanding on what gemera said, you could write wrapper functions for sendto and recvfrom (enabled or disabled by a debugging macro, for example), that would behave like their wrapped counterparts, but would decide whether to drop or pass the packets.
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