Thread: Decompiler for *.exe made in c/c++

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    Decompiler for *.exe made in c/c++

    how do i decompile files *.exe made in c/c++

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    Download a decompiler....

    They don't work extremely well, tho, and you'll be left with a bunch of uncommented code that doesn't make much sense...

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    I second that reply. It is not really a good idea to decompile because it is just a whole mess of a lot of code. And depending on the complexity of the program, it will just be brain-racking.
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    I never understood the purpose of a decompiler, ignoring the fact that they are notoriously unreliable. Really all I can see someone doing with them is getting a hold of the source code from an application or game and then editing it to make a new app or game.

    Just a sneaky way to get out of doing the work at the expense of the original programmers.

    If anyone disagrees, let me know so that I can hear of another way to use a decompiler

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    Programmer writes a program for his employer... hence employer owns the program...

    After years of successful use, the company decides to update the progam by adding some more features.

    Unfortunately the original programmer has long ago been fired and is nowhere to be found... likewise his source code...

    Company is legal owner of the software and would probably rather their new progammer work on the existing version than be paid to start from scratch... enter the unreliable decompiler to the rescue...

    I'm sure this isn't common and anyone who loses their source code deserves what they get... I'm also sure 99% of people who are after decompilers want to do exactly what you suspect...

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    actually in some cases decompiling a C program is impossible most usually dump into asm and some C cannot be broken into asm thus the results are unpredictable.
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    Decompiling is like unbaking a cake, or getting a hamburger back on it's feet.

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    Its not really worth it. Besides if you want to work out what the logic of the program is, simple sitting down using it and taking some notes may help (if it is a proceedural program).


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