Thread: how to communicate and get back data from a specific devices using C language

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    how to communicate and get back data from a specific devices using C language

    I have a device that have some communication protocols and it will respond and send some specific data when somebody communicates with the device. I tried to build a C code that will send those protocols to the device and then store those sending data. Now I don't understand that how to send those commands. Other things than that I can manage with the file handling programming.Is there any predefined function using which it will send some specific data or something like that??

    Is there any idea about this?? Any new idea would be really appreicated.


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    Presumably the device comes with some physical means of communicating with the computer (say a port, a connector, an antenna) as well as a specification of the protocol it uses to communicate.

    Generally speaking, however, the means of communicating with physical devices is not specified in the C standard. That is typically achieved via some logical interface (for example, an API - Application Programmer Interface - or a set of functions in a library that can be called from a C program). If you're lucky, the device uses a common port that most computers ship with and your host operating system will have some built-in means of communicating with that port (say a device driver and API). If not, the supplier of the device would normally provide such a library (which would be tailored for your host system and development environment if needed).
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