Thread: Please help debug for this newbie! Pls

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    Question Please help debug for this newbie! Pls

    I am relatively new at C and am a lil stuck on this function. It is meant to sort the array in ascending array w/o creating any integer arrays and chaning the original array.
    Please do help.

    void AscSort(int OrgAry[],
    int* AscAry[])
    /* Local Defintions */
    int i;
    int *pWalk;
    int temp;

    /* Statements */
    for(pWalk = AscAry; pWalk < SIZE; pWalk++)
    for(i = 0; i < SIZE; i++)
    AscAry[i] = OrgAry[i];
    if(*AscAry[i] > *AscAry[i + 1])
    temp = *AscAry[i + 1];
    *AscAry[i + 1] = *AscAry[i];
    *AscAry[i] = temp;

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    I'm a newbie, too, so don't expect too much. If you want to sort an array SIZE, you can only make SIZE - 1 comparisons, because you are using 2 elements for each comparison. Also, I would copy the array first and then sort it. You seem to be combining the two, so that the statement:
    AscAry[i] = OrgAry[i];
    keeps taking you back to square one.

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    Thanks whoever it was..
    AscAry is an array of pointers and OrigAry is an array of integers..I don't know if I need to copy the array..but I do know that I need each element in AscAry to point to a corresponding elment in OrigAry..How would I do that??
    Thanks though

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    Stop multiposting. You don't need to post the same question multiple times. The main reason for this, other than the fact that it is annoying, is that your "answers" will be spread all over multiple threads, making it harder for you to get the answe you're looking for.

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