Thread: clrscr function in CodeBlock

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    clrscr function in CodeBlock

    I start working on CodeBlocks and stuck in a situation. The situation is that I want to clear my output screen every time the main function calls some other functions. To do that I use clrscr() function but its not working. After spending some times on web, I found that its a non-standard function so this extension is not used by the new compiler's.
    Another thing I find that somebody suggest to use < cstdlib > library. But unfortunately it do works only for C. It works for C++.
    Any new solution to get out from this situation would be really appreciable?

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    Maybe you'll find answers in a very similar question posted by someone with a very similar name here

    c++ - clrscr function in CodeBlocks - Stack Overflow

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    You could also check the FAQ -> FAQ > Clear the screen? -

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