Thread: using insertion sort to sort a database by age

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    using insertion sort to sort a database by age

    I am trying to sort a student database by age,but i am not sure whats wrong i think it has to deal with tmpstudent variable.

    void insertion_sort(StudentDB *db)
        int i;
        for (i = 0; i < db->num; ++i)
            int j = i - 1;
            int val = db->records[i].age;
            Student *tmpStudent = &db->records[i];
            while (j >= 0 && val < db->records[j].age)
                db->records[j + 1] = db->records[j];
            db->records[j + 1] = *tmpStudent;
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    A few things that would help in the future:

    • Describe the problem. Does it mostly sort the data, does it crash, does it print out garbage?
    • Provide a small but complete/compilable program so we can test.
    • Provide a small sample input that demonstrates the problem, again to help us test your code.

    I suspect you're right in terms of tmpStudent. It seems tmpStudent merely points at records[i] so you don't actually copy the data. When you shift all the elements up one spot to make room to insert, you have overwritten db->records[i] (which is what tmpStudent points at). Thus, when you do db->records[j + 1] = *tmpsStudent; you are not inserting the correct data.

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