Thread: A dumb loop problem

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    A dumb loop problem

    Hi everyone;

    My homework is this.A Bookseller makes special discount for multiple orders of a book as follows: AMOUNT and DISCOUNT as follows.5-9 5% 10-14 10% 15-19 15% 20+ 20% Write a C main function to read the amount of order from the standardinput and compute and print the total price of the given order after thediscount. Assume that unit price of a book is 10.00$

    my problem is that.When i start with this

         #include <stdlib.h>
         int main(void)
             int number;
             float TotalPrice;
             printf("enter a number:");
             if(number<=5) {
                           printf("Your Total Price is :%d", TotalPrice);
                   return 0;

    i get 0 if i enter a number between 0 and 4(0 and 4 included)

    i dont know where im doing a mistake.
    i also want to know if i can handle this buy just if statements.
    or how can i do it by while and for loops ?

    Thank you.

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    printf("Your Total Price is :%d", TotalPrice);
    You're using the wrong fotmat to print a float %d is for integers
    And then you should calculate TotalPrice before printing it's value.

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