Thread: Search and delete function for binary trees.

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    Search and delete function for binary trees.

    I had an assignment that I completed and it was just inserting values into a binary tree and then displaying it. I was wondering what the code would be if I wanted to delete a number in the binary tree, or if I wanted to search for a number. Here is my code for my assignment if you can work off that. Thanks a lot in advance.

    #include <stdio.h>
    typedef struct bt_{
            int value;
            struct bt_ *right;
            struct bt_ *left;
    BST* insert(BST* root, int value);
    void printTree(BST* root);
    void displayBST(BST* root, int depth);
    void padding(char toPrint, int numTimes);
    int main(){
            int value = 0;
            BST *new_BST;
            while(value != -1){
                    printf("\nEnter a number to put into the tree: ");
                    scanf("%d", &value);
                    new_BST = insert(new_BST, value);
    BST* insert(BST* root, int value){
            if(root != 0){
                    if(value < root->value)
                            root->left = insert(root->left, value);
                    else if( value > root->value)
                            root->right = insert(root->right, value);
                    return root;
            BST *n = (BST*) malloc(sizeof(BST));
            n->value = value;
            n->left = n->right = 0;
            return n;
    void printTree(BST* root)
    void displayBST(BST* root, int depth){
                    padding(' ', depth);
            padding(' ', depth);
            printf("%d\n", root->value);
            displayBST(root->right, depth+4);
    void padding(char toPrint, int numTimes)
            int i;
            for(i=0; i < numTimes; i++)
                    printf("%c", toPrint);

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    A few pointers:

    int main should return 0 and have "void" as it's argument.

    Your indentation is very bad.

    If it is no longer part of your assignment, why can't you Google for the code?... C Binary Tree with an Example C Code (Search, Delete, Insert Nodes)
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