Thread: What's in a BIOS????

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    Question What's in a BIOS????

    Hi all,
    I am interested in knowing the signals sent out by BIOS during POST to all the Add-On Cards, and what kind of response is usually given by the cards. Any information or Web-Link is greatly Appreciated. (NO. PLEASE DO NOT GIVE ME THE FATHER SEARCH-ENGINE WWW.GOOGLE.COM). Give me the Page Addresses, if available.

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    I'm not sure you have the right Forum for this, since technically you're not asking a C question (as far as I can see). Different BIOS's produce different codes. The codes are generally output to port 80H on IBM compatibles beyond XT's. Technicians often use a POST card (either ISA or PCI) to read the hex value that is output.

    Some of the code meanings are fairly standard, others are very specific to the BIOS you're dealing with, so they will differ between say an AWARD BIOS and an AMI one. They will even differ between AWARD plug & play BIOS's, and non plug & play.

    Try the following link for some more indepth information, and
    a) Define better what you want to acomplish
    b) If it's not a C question, find the right forum to post in.

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