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    read from txt file

    hello everyone.. anyone can explain me how this code works:

    #include <stdio.h>
    #include <string.h>
       FILE *fp;
       char buff[255];
       fp = fopen("input.txt", "r");
       if( fp != NULL ){
          while ( !feof(fp ) ){
             memset(buff, '\0', sizeof( buff) );
             fgets(buff, 255, (FILE*)fp);
             printf("%s", buff );
    what's feof, memset and fgets? thanks so much !

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    Quote Originally Posted by thejoker
    what's feof, memset and fgets?
    Opportunities for you to read up. For example, these functions might have been mentioned in the material that you are using to learn C. If you are using a Unix-like system, they are probably available via manual pages, e.g., if you run man fgets at a command prompt. They are documented online, e.g., by online versions of the aforementioned manual pages or other C related websites.

    By the way, your example's usage of feof to control a loop like that is not a good idea. Rather, the return value of fgets should be used to control the loop. The use of memset is unnecessary in this case since fgets will include the null character to terminate the string.
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    The cast of fp in the call to fgets is both pointless and dangerous at the same time.

    It's pointless, because fp is already a FILE*
    It's dangerous, because if fp isn't a FILE*, then WTF is going to happen?
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    I think it is an example of poorly written code.

    Maybe you should make a list of the things done wrong in it.

    Edit added link: memset - C++ Reference

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    The issue of using feof has a FAQ on this site:

    FAQ > Why it's bad to use feof() to control a loop -

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