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    do not give them fish,
    the best way is to teach them how to fish.

    that's is what i can say... whew you guys are really cool!...
    " programming is 1% syntax and 99% logic "

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    Originally posted by Prelude
    >someone will show up and do the entire problem for them
    Trying to show off no doubt.


    i am one of these people//...
    i just get mad when noone is impressed
    good for me

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    Originally posted by PutoAmo
    Prelude, Quzah,

    I have seen you posting replies to posts that I am sure are just homework. The fact that an assignment is difficult to resolve doesn't mean it is not homework. I am sure you answer them cos you find them challenging enough (or maybe to show off ). Others, including me, are just newcomers to C and find those 'easy' questions challenging enogh. If only difficult, advanced posts got answered people like me would have nothing to do in these forums.

    PutoAmo (hobbyist)
    When you see me answer homework, it is done so with some bizzare implementation that I know their teacher wouldn't accept, which is just some twisted version of producing the result they expect. Something so obviously not something the student has done, that if they did turn it in, they'd get nailed for copying.

    For example, using recursion to simply print the numbers 0 through 9...

    Hope is the first step on the road to disappointment.

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    >it is done so with some bizzare implementation that

    About that, yes, speak in generalizations and leave the actual implementation to the inquisitor.

    And, if there are no further objections, I shall close this thread in due time. Any?
    hasafraggin shizigishin oppashigger...

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