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    Programming a timer

    Hello, I have attached a circuit diagram below, which has been tested. Currently you have to manually push the switch to change the brightness of the bulbs. I want to program a chip to automate this.

    Over 90 days the chip will output a high signal in replace of the switch every set period of time (say once every 1.5days) can anyone help we out with some C code for this? I can use any chip but the smaller the better!
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    i would suggest reading up on "real time clock programming". RTC chips as well. Its much easier to get help when you have a problem with code and ask for help.few are willing to write you code from scratch, and this looks like a school related project so technically anyone who gives you written code would be helping you cheat.

    that aside i believe the DS12C887 is a good choice(plus its the only one iv'e ever used).The data sheet has all the timing info that could help you write your code

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