Thread: how to assign a string into a cell of an array

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    Question how to assign a string into a cell of an array

    I have a problem, using an aray.
    I'm trying to asign for example a string "susana" to the fist cell
    into an array(for example arrayName[20])

    char arrayName[20];
    printf("enter name:\n");
    //after that I'm trying
    and the program crashed.
    my question is, can I assign a string into a cell of array and after that to display the cell with the string inside?(for example it is posible in VB)

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    What do you mean "Into the cell of an array"?

    Do you want an array of strings? Otherwise, a "cell" of your array only contains a single character. If you want the "cell" to contain a whole string, you need an array of character pointers. Then you need to actually get into dynamicly allocating space and what not. Not that difficult, but it can be tricky.

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    I don't know about VB, but I think your problem is you are using a character when you need a string and vice-versa.

    arrayName[0] = a single character(the first letter)

    arrayName = string(actually a pointer to the array of chars that make up the string.)

    Try this:

    char arrayName[20]; 
    printf("enter name:   "); 
    printf("\n%s", arrayname);
    I didn't have a compiler to check this, but I think it is right.

    If you really want to use scanf() instead of gets(), try:

    scanf("%s", arrayName);
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    You can also use fgets so you do not overrun the size of the array

    char arrayName[20];
    printf( "Enter Name:" );
    fgets( name, sizeof( name ), stdin );

    Now the user can't enter any more characters than you have provided storage for. This is one alternative to scanf.

    If you want to use scanf & gets you might want to throw this in there between scanf & gets

    while( getchar( ) != '\n' );

    I hope this helps you.

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    It looks like you want a two dimensional array or an array of pointers:
    char a[2][20];
    fgets ( a[0], sizeof a[0], stdin );
    printf ( "%s", a[0] );
    char *a[2];
    if ( ( a[0] = malloc ( 20 * sizeof *a ) ) != NULL ) {
      fgets ( a[0], 20, stdin );
      printf ( "%s", a[0] );
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