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    weird question

    #include <stdio.h>
    #include <string.h>
    #include <stdlib.h>
    	int number, flag=1;
    	int w,h,n;
    	int tall,wide,position,x=0,y=0,a=0;
    	char line[50],common[50];
    	FILE *ifp;
    void readfile();
    	int x;
    		printf("\n (1) ReadFile Function\n  ");
    		if (x==1)
    void readfile()
    	if ((ifp=fopen("objects.dat", "r")) == NULL)
    		printf("\n  * error opening file objects.dat *");
    	while (position>0)
    		if(line[x]==' ')
    		{     number++;    }
    		position--; x++;
    	number+=1; x=0;
    	while (number>0)
    			if(line[y]=' ')
    				if (flag==5)
    					n=atoi(common);  flag+=1;  common==0;  x=0;  number--;  break;
    				if (flag==4)
    					h=atoi(common);  flag+=1;  common==0;  x=0;  number--;
    				if (flag==3)
    					w=atoi(common);  flag+=1;  common==0;  x=0;  number--;
    				if (flag==2)
    					tall=atoi(common); common==0; flag+=1; x=0;   number--; break;
    				if (flag==1)
    					wide=atoi(common);  flag+=1;  common==0;  x=0;  number--;
    			y++; x++;
    	printf("\n Number 1: %i",wide);
    	printf("\n Number 2: %i\n\n\n",tall);
    this was a function i wrote today but it isn't working's just telling me Number 1 and 2 = 0.....can anyone run this and tweak with it and an "objects.dat" file to try to make it work?? i know it looks odd but can anyone mess with it real fast? Thanks.

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    Works great!

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    The first problem is that you defined 'x' globally and set it equal to 0, so it will never enter the while loop in main. If I get time later I'll try to look at it some more.

    See ya

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    >int tall,wide,position,x=0,y=0,a=0;
    Unnecessary, global variables are initialized the their equivalent of all bits zero automatically.

    >if(line[y]=' ')
    Oopsie, assignment inside a conditional. You probably meant ==, not =.

    My best code is written with the delete key.

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