Thread: Explain me how to read and write a file using Serial port

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    Question Explain me how to read and write a file using Serial port

    Note:Windows 7, visual studio 2010 ,only C

    Explain me a working code to read and write a file using serial communication.and i need to store that file.

    I know normal file handling in C, but how it is through serial port i am not getting .

    waiting for your reply

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    What else can you tell us about this communication set up? For example, what will be on the other side beyond the serial port, to receive the file? Are you using a serial cable for the transfer? Will you be needing a specific serial communication protocol, like RS-232 or what?

    This is not a real easy task. Here's what I'd suggest:

    1) If you have requirements for the program, list them.

    2) List the hardware and software of the receiving unit.

    3) Describe how the receiver will know it should be receiving data, and to put it into a file.

    4) List the protocol you want to use.

    5) Google search for the topic, but avoid the Linux instructions you may run into. They have a different way of doing this. See what you can learn from it.

    6) Make a VERY small test file for your program. Also, be sure your anti-virus software will allow access to your serial port, on both sender and receiver.

    7) Understand that we won't start your program for you. It's up to YOU to do that. If you get stuck on code after you have started, then post up what you have, and we will try to help with some specific problem. That's how the forum works.

    Give yourself plenty of time, these communication programs can be time-consuming.

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