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    Pointer initialization

    Hello all,

    I need to initialize a pointer variable with a knowing address. Please see code below, ptr is the final destination and value of ptr_address contains the address value, so I need to do something like ptr = *ptr_address.

    int *ptr;
    int *ptr_address;
    int address;
    address = 0x10000005;
    ptr_address = &(address);
    ptr = *ptr_address;
    The problem is that compiler gives the following warning message:

    warning: assignment makes pointer from integer without a cast [enabled by default]

    Is my code wrong or there is any other way to do it without receiving this compiler warning?


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    The value can be cast to be a pointer to integer:

    ptr = (int *)0x10000005;
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    Hi rcgldr, the problem is that i can't use direct value because address comes as a variable value, so I need use this variable.

    I've already tried ptr = *((int *) ptr_address); but warning is the same.

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    ptr = (int *)*ptr_address

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