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    structure and typedef

    I have seen the following code and was surprised
    #include <stdio.h>
    int main()
       typedef struct name name1;
       struct name
           int i;
           char array[10];
     name1 name2;
     name2.i = 13;
     return 0;
    In the line typedef struct name name1, the name structure is not yet defined and why the compiler is not giving any error. Also i cannot define a structure within a structure that is cannot reference itself but i can define a pointer to reference itself. Can someone please explain me what is the logic involved in all these things.

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    typedef merely renames things; it does not require any information about what that thing is. As long as that thing gets defined, everyone's happy.

    As to the second question, of course a structure cannot contain a copy of itself, because that copy must then contain another copy of itself, and that copy must then contain another copy of itself, .... A pointer is a different type of data, and does not cause an infinite loop as the above would.

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    A structure inside of the same structure. Thinking about it hurts my head...
    struct foo
        struct foo _foo;
    struct foo bar;
    bar._foo._foo._foo._foo._foo._foo._foo._foo._foo._foo._foo._foo._foo._foo._foo._foo._foo._foo._foo._foo._foo._foo._foo._foo._foo._foo._foo._foo._foo._foo._foo._foo._foo._foo._foo._foo._foo._foo._foo._foo._foo._foo._foo._foo._foo._foo._foo._foo._foo._foo._foo._foo._foo._foo._foo._foo._foo._foo._foo._foo._foo._foo._foo._foo._foo._foo._foo._foo._foo._foo._foo._foo._foo._foo._foo._foo._foo._foo._foo._foo._foo._foo._foo._foo._foo._foo._foo._foo._foo._foo._foo._foo._foo._foo._foo._foo = bar;
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