Thread: Is possible read text form keyboard using read() function?

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    Is possible read text form keyboard using read() function?

    Is possible read text form keyboard using read() function? or which is best way in ansi creplace input command form basic language. for numbers and text... ideas not code again becouse i try learn. i know i asked so much in so little time but i have so many ideas in my head...

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    If there was a read command, that would be one thing. Since there isn't, you'll have to make do with either scanf or fgets.

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    At the top (dark blue) bar of this website, there is a link to an excellent C Tutorial. You would benefit a great deal by studying it. It will show you what functions are standard with the C language, and how to use the most common one's.

    Bookmark it, and work through it - there are many other tutorials on the net for C, but few are as good.

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    Sure, using POSIX read() with file descriptor 0 will read from standard input.

    Whether standard input is your keyboard (as far as the program is concerned) might be harder to tell.
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