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    Quick Question.

    #include <stdio.h>
    #include <string.h>

    int tall,wide,size,x=0;
    char line[100],temp[100];
    FILE *ifp;

    printf("\n\n Opening OBJECT.DAT ");

    if ((fopen("object.dat", "r")) == NULL)
    printf("\n error opening file object.dat ");

    printf("\n %s",line);


    I'm using this code to open up "object.dat"...then i want to read in the firstline of this going to count backwards through the characters...and stick the first set in one variable (temp), then set the int tall=atoi(temp)...the object.dat is going to look like:

    "400 200"

    and i have to read both of those memories into 2 int variables...Can anyone add a proper fgets line to my above code to make it read the line in properly..i couldnt get it to work...i also need to stick a null pointer wherever the space occurs..can anyone help real fast? Thanks.

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    Well, I got my fgets() working...but how do I recognize when I come across a space in my line? What is the space character...when I come across a space, I want to stop...

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    i think using sscanf instead might help.

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    If you want to stop at the first space you can either just use fscanf or combine fgets and sscanf:
    fscanf ( line, sizeof line, fp );
    sscanf ( line, "%s", temp );
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