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    Unhappy some help please

    i am doing some example questions for a class i have in c programming and would appreciate any help anyone can offer me with regards writing the requested programmes.

    the questions are as follows:

    1) using a structure variable(including day, month and year), the programme read a date from the keyboard and then find out how many days away from 25 december (note: leap years must be considered).

    2) Write a program that first reads in a string mixed with numbers and letters from the keyboard and then separates the numbers from the letters.

    3) Write a program that reads in three lines of text from the keyboard and stores the text in a file, then reads in the second line text from the file and counts how many times a key word entered from keyboard appears in the second line text.

    any help on any of the questions would be greatly appreciated. Thanks,Brad.
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    Which bit are you having a problem with?

    The creation of the struct & its use?
    The input of the data?
    Or the math & logic involved in calculating the difference in days.

    You will find people here will rush to help you if you post an attempt at some code.

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