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    Quick question

    what does this mean?

    if(somenumber == 0)
        blah blah
        blah blah
    else if(somenumber%2)
        blah blah
    what does the ! in the parenthesis mean? i thought if statement should compare 2 variables.
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    The general form of the if statement is

    if (expression)

    Note that expression need not compare two values, the only thing that is checked is expression (or more correctly the result of the expression). If the expression evaluates to "true" (not zero) then statement is executed. So although expression might be used to compare two or more values it doesn't have to do so. The expression may even be a constant, e.g. if (1) statement;

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    ! means not. Like if (True) and if(!true). Hope you get it.

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