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    Exclamation C code unknown value at output

    As a begineer I write a program of adding the places of a digit.

    void main()
    int a,b,sum=0,e,z;
    printf("Enter the digit");
    printf("the sum is %d",sum);
    getch(); }
    but if I enter a character e.g. "w" then it gives value -26. I don't understand how this works? I also debug my code and find that it takes value -29359(0x8D51)
    Instead of this if I put a=0 then at output if I enter "a" then it shows 0. How it works as I want to understand.
    Anyone can help??

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    When you enter 'w' scanf returns 0 and leaves a with old value.
    Since a is not initialized - you get garbage

    Learn to check return value of used functions

    PS. You can benefit from reading several FAQ entries

    FAQ > main() / void main() / int main() / int main(void) / int main(int argc, char *argv[]) -

    Get rid of conio.h and used something standarty FAQ > How do I get my program to wait for a keypress? -

    One of the samples illustrates correct scanf usage FAQ > How do I get a number from the user (C) -

    This is what you do if scanf fails FAQ > Flush the input buffer -
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