Thread: Caesar Cipher Trouble with spaces

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    Caesar Cipher Trouble with spaces

    I am trying to create a program that does the caesar cipher on a sentence. The program i have works on a single word but when i input a sentence into the code it doesn't complete any of the code and my guess would be because of the addition of the space. Im sorry if it doesn't make complete sense because this is my first class ever programming.

    The code has to use loops and arrays.

        int i;int key = 0;char message[80];    printf("Enter message to be encrypted: ");
        scanf("%s", message);
        printf("Enter shift amount (1-25): ");
        scanf("%d", &key);
        for(i = 0; message[i] != '\0';i++)
            if('A'<= message[i] && message[i] <= 'Z')
                {message[i] = (((message[i]-'A') + key) % ('Z' - 'A' + 1) + 'A');}
            else if('a'<= message[i] && message[i] <= 'z')
                {message[i] = (((message[i]-'a') + key) % ('z' - 'a' + 1) + 'a');}
    printf("Encrypted message: %s", message);

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    Look into the function fgets rather than scanf, since scanf stops reading when it reaches white space.

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