Thread: Find in a file.

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    Find in a file.

    How can I find the number of lines in a file?

    What I want to do is load a file into a char**. In order to initialize the number of pointers to char I need to know the number of lines in the file. If someone knows an easier way I would appriciate the help.
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    Just allocate some space to start out with and if you reach the end of the block then realloc more space to handle the input.

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    how does one search for text in a file ? Is there any function for that ?

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    One writes a function

    There is no standard function to do this, ( I am assuming that you are refering to a function that would perform the same sort of functionality as the UNIX command line tool grep?).

    In the past I have written a simple interface for a couple of functions that perform pattern matching on a text file returning information such as line number, number of occurences etc. It makes heavy use of the standard functions such as strcmp() etc - but provides greater flexibility and more options.

    Basically the operation is to open the file, read in a portion of the file, test this string/input to see if the "key" is contained within, repeat until the end of file is reached then close the file.

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    There is no need to store each line, if all you want to do is count them.

    It's just fgets in a while loop and a counter

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