Thread: Best way to store an input string

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    Best way to store an input string

    I'm extremely rusty at C but is this the best way to store an input string into a char*?

    int length = 100; //initial size
    char * name = malloc(length * sizeof(char)); //allocate mem for 100 chars 
    int count = 0; //to keep track of how many chars have been used 
    char c; // to store the current char 
    while((c = getchar()) != '\n'){ //keep reading until a newline 
        if(count >= length) 
            name = realloc(name, (length += 10) * sizeof(char)); //add room for 10 more chars 
        name[count++] = c 

    Is this a good way and what could be better?
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    I'd use an automatic variable of char array[length], and fgets, then sscanf or getchar() (as you have done here), and be done with it. Note that you have not accounted for the (albeit slim) possibility that either malloc or realloc, might fail.

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