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    C programming prjects

    hi all,

    I am looking for a project idea to work on. If there is any such idea please let me know. Thank you.

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    I am looking for a project idea to work on. If there is any such idea please let me know
    Be more specific.

    Depends on which area you are looking for projects. Let us know if you are interested in Graphics Programming or Low-Level programming (Systems programming) or Database programming or general logical programming etc.
    Help everyone you can

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    that's not a bad idea.. I'm learning c myself.. I needed to use it for an assignment, but I would like to work with it more. Maybe someone can post project ideas? Nothing too complicated to start.. maybe start with working with files and processing info, and then go from there?

    Incidentally, my project for the class involved the use of pipes.. I figured somewhat how to work with them, but I'm still stuck on the assignment (see my other post on working with wait() ).

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    hi again,

    Well...I will like any type of project.(Intersting ones). Be it Graphics, Networking....any Intersting Project Idea. Thanx

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    Ok, create a program for me that displays a bitmap picture in console mode using straight C.
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    create a huffman encoder in pure C

    huffman compression:
    create a node for each character in a text file.
    have it include the frequency of the character.
    sort the nodes into order from lowest frequency upward
    organize the nodes into a tree: each node has two possible branches. while there are still more than 1 node left, take the lowest two nodes, create a parent node and link the nodes to it. ie: a and b are the two lowest frequency nodes
    / \
    a b
    make p's frequency value the sum of the frequencys of the two child nodes. then place than node into the right order by frequency. repeat until all nodes organized into the tree.
    create a lookup table of the values of the tree. (each terminating node, the leaves of the tree, should represent a letter). write a binary stream of 0's and 1's where 0 is one branch of the tree, and 1 is the other. eg:
    a is 010 because starting with the trunk of the tree (the top node) you follow branch zero, then branch one, then branch zero to find the letter node
    finally, write a couple of functions to encode, decode, etc..

    or maybe you would be satisfied with a pig-latin program...

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    a more efficient operating system then windows 2000

    sample output would be:

    "Hello World"

    that would suffice

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