Thread: 2nd scanf input problem.

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    You can make your main function quite a bit shorter. You have an exact copy of the code inside the loop outside the loop, which you can remove if you make sure the loop always runs at least once.

    But before that, make the improvements std10093 suggested in post 9. Your shift function is implictly returning an int because you haven't specified a return type. You don't return anything though, and dangeous nonsense will ensure if you accidentally call shift in a context where the returned value is used.

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    thnx.So after adding void if i call (if function have something to return ) it wil return nothing then?(i ma just asking as to know what void really do).
    And also what is the profit of declaring function before main like std10093 said?(i did that but it does not effected my program).
    Also i dont use return 0 in main function but only this time i had problem with what return 0 actually do and what if i don't use it.(i am a beginner so have a lot of questions )
    thanx again for your reply
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