Thread: expected warning?

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    expected warning?

    My current project is a basic syntax to c/c++ translator.
    In legacy code that I inherited this line

    LINE INPUT hFile,a$

    Is translated to:
    fgets(a, 1048576, hFile);

    with a$ having the default size of a $:
    char a[2048];
    I am curious why no (windows) compiler(gcc,PellesC) emits a warning when compiling?

    Is it a "JUST DON'T DO THAT !!" ?


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    #include <stdio.h>
    int main() {
        char a[2048];
        fgets(a, 1048576, stdin);
        return 0;
    No warning for that, even with -Wall -Wextra. In general, it would be hard to provide one considering that a could be dynamically allocated.

    If a's a char array, it may be best to use:
        fgets(a, sizeof(a), stdin);
    although if a's a pointer, that won't work.
    In that case, you have to keep track of the size.

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