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    looking for titles of books

    I'm looking for titles of books that would teach intermediate to advanced C programming. Does anyone have any suggestions? Most of the books that I've looked at are out of print already (at the Barnes and Noble bookstore).

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    C Unleashed!!!! THis is the one i'm currently reading. Prelude recommended to me. It's cool.

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    As Nutshell suggested, C Unleashed by Richard Heathfield, Lawrence Kirby, et al. is excellent. Others that I would suggest are:

    The Standard C Library by P.J. Plauger
    Algorithms in C by Robert Sedgewick
    The C Programming language by Kernighan and Ritchie
    If you can find it, Expert C Programming, Deep C Secrets by Peter van der Linden is a must.

    You might also try the book reviews at

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    Have a look at "The practice of coding", Kernigan and Pike, (Kernigan being the co-founder of C). It's the one I am reading at the moment, and it's fairly recent 1999. ISBN 0-201-61686. Not all examples are in C, but I have been able to follow it okay.
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