Thread: two uint16 types to uint32

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    two uint16 types to uint32


    Got a problem to solve. How to do it? Must use most significant and least significant. Lets say uint16 u16X = 10; and uint16 u16Y = 8; Now I must convert it into a uint32, which holds both of these values. Bit logic ... I have to put one number ahead of other. Can't figure it out. I hope you guys understand.

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    You could use a union to do this and let the compiler figure it out, or you could manually write the code to put the two uint16's into a uint32 (one in the upper 16 bits, the other in the lower 16 bits).

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    Something like
    uint32 r = ((uint32)u16X << 16) | u16Y;
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    Or, you could do it with numeric operations rather than by bit fiddling. Just make use of the fact that numeric operations on unsigned types work with modulo arithmetic.
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