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    c program running in windows

    I have done a VERY simple currency converter which runs in the command prompt. is it possible to some how get this to work as a windows program. I would like to be able to save it and send it to my friends. I would also like to be able to change the size of the font add colour and beeps when incorrect information is entered. I don't know what its called when you go from c to a windows program or how its done. Some direction will be greatly appreciated.

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    One of the approaches will be to write a front-end in the different lang - more suitable to GUI work when C (for example C#)

    And call the Command line utility in the background, parse its output and present the results in the nice from to the User

    There is a lot of programs using such approach - see for example frontah, which knows how to launch different command line encoders/decoders to trans-code different formats of audio streams.
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    i use QT for my gui, so what i have done was to make the "pretty" gui dialog, then just either INCLUDE the header with my functions to call when i click a button on the gui, or just add the code into the "on click" of the button. Doing that means the only changes i do are to make the GUI.

    another is to use API then include in the same way as i do with QT.


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