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    I am currently writing a script as a test to see how hard it would be to make a mini-program on command prompt.

    I am new to C programming and I have been using 'C for Dummies'.

    I have written this code. Please tell me where I have gone wrong and where I can improve; I hope the annotations help you.


    #include <stdio.h>
    void delay(void); /* prototyping the delay function */
    double xp; /* this is the global variable which holds the user's experience acquired */
    int main()
        int x; /* this refers to the 'x' employed at the end of this code */
        char target[10]; /* refers to the selection of the monster and the response */ 
        int i;
        printf("time to kill a monster\n");
        printf("select your target:\n");
        printf("GOBLIN, RED ONION, GIANT RAT\n");
        printf("you are now attacking a %s\n",target);
        printf("goblin is killed!\n");
        printf("plus 20xp!\n");
      if(target=="RED ONION")
        printf("red onion is killed!\n");
        printf("plus 40xp!\n");
      if(target=="GIANT RAT")
        printf("giant rat is killed!\n");
        printf("plus 80xp!\n");
    void delay() /* the delay function which tells he user the fight is currently underway */
        printf("you swing your sword!\n");
                  printf("looks like you've killed a %s!\n",target);
                  printf("you currently have %d experience!\n",xp);
                  printf("would you like to fight another animal?\n",response);
                  if(response=='Y' || response =='y')
                  /* need to find a command that tells the compiler to re-run the program, of course remembering the xp acquired */
                  if(response=='n' || response =='N')
                  /* need to tell the compiler to end the script if 'n'/'N' is answered */
                  printf("Pardon? Please give a valid response in a Yes/No format, please.\n");

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    In C we compare strigns with strcmp, not with the operator ==.
    Code - functions and small libraries I use

    It’s 2014 and I still use printf() for debugging.

    "Programs must be written for people to read, and only incidentally for machines to execute. " —Harold Abelson

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    In line 47 you start defining of the function delay inside main

    Generally - you should do it outside the main, in this line just call the function
    call to your function will look like
    All problems in computer science can be solved by another level of indirection,
    except for the problem of too many layers of indirection.
    – David J. Wheeler

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