Thread: OpenCV facedetection, a problem with c syntax

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    OpenCV facedetection, a problem with c syntax

    I worked with OpenCV and built a basic source code with Harpia for a OpenCV face detection. I made the changes I needed, compiled it and it works great. It detects all faces and gives me a file.
    But the only thing I don't know how to do is to save each face in an separate file. I think the face file is overwritten each time a face is detected, because I always get the last detected face saved in the file.
    Does any one know how I can save each face in separate file?

    #include <stdio.h>
    #include <stdlib.h>
    #include <cv.h>
    #include <cvaux.h>
    #include <highgui.h>
    #include <math.h>
    #define PI 3.1415926535898
    double rads(double degs)
            return (PI/180 * degs);
    int main(int argc, char *argiv[])
        if ( argc != 2 ) /* argc should be 2 for correct execution */
            /* We print argv[0] assuming it is the program name */
            printf( "usage: %s filename", argiv[0] );
            // We assume argv[1] is a filename to open
            FILE *file = fopen( argiv[1], "r" );
            /* fopen returns 0, the NULL pointer, on failure */
            if ( file == 0 )
                printf( "Could not open file\n" );
            //declaration block
    char *block1_arg_Filename = argiv[1];
    IplImage * block1_img_o1 = NULL;
    IplImage * block2_img_i1 = NULL;
    CvPoint block2_point_o1 = cvPoint(0,0);
    CvRect block2_rect_o2 = cvRect( 0, 0, 1, 1);
    IplImage * block2_img_o3 = NULL;
    double block2_double_o4 = 0.0;
    static CvMemStorage* block2_storage = 0;
    static CvHaarClassifierCascade* block2_cascade = 0;
    const char* block2_cascade_name = "/usr/share/harpia/images/haarcascade_frontalface_alt2.xml";
    IplImage * block12_img_i1 = NULL;
    IplImage * block12_img_o1 = NULL;
    IplImage * block7_img_i1 = NULL;
    IplImage * block7_img_o1 = NULL;
    CvRect  block7_rect_i2;
    IplImage * block8_img_i1 = NULL;
    IplImage * block8_img_o1 = NULL;
            //execution block
    //Weight: 1
    block1_img_o1 = cvLoadImage(block1_arg_Filename,-1);
    block2_img_i1 = cvCloneImage(block1_img_o1);// IMAGE conection
    //Weight: 2
            double scale = 1.3;
            block2_cascade = (CvHaarClassifierCascade*)cvLoad( block2_cascade_name, 0, 0, 0 );
            IplImage* gray = cvCreateImage( cvSize(block2_img_i1->width,block2_img_i1->height), 8, 1 );
            IplImage* small_img = cvCreateImage( cvSize( cvRound  (block2_img_i1->width/scale), cvRound  (block2_img_i1->height/scale)),8, 1 );
            cvCvtColor( block2_img_i1, gray, CV_BGR2GRAY );
            cvResize( gray, small_img, CV_INTER_LINEAR );
            cvEqualizeHist( small_img, small_img );
            block2_img_o3 = cvCloneImage(block2_img_i1);
            block2_storage = cvCreateMemStorage(0);
            cvClearMemStorage( block2_storage );
       block2_rect_o2 = cvRect( 0, 0, 1, 1);
            CvSeq* faces = cvHaarDetectObjects( small_img, block2_cascade,  block2_storage,1.1, 2.0, 0/*CV_HAAR_DO_CANNY_PRUNING*/,cvSize(30, 30) );
            block2_double_o4 = faces->total;
                    int i;
                    for( i = 0; i < (faces ? faces->total : 0); i++ )
                    CvRect* r = (CvRect*)cvGetSeqElem( faces, i );
                                    CvPoint center;
                                    int radius;
                                    center.x = cvRound((r->x + r->width*0.5)*scale);
                                    center.y = cvRound((r->y + r->height*0.75)*scale);
                                    radius = cvRound((r->width + r->height)*0.3*scale);
                                    cvCircle( block2_img_o3, center, radius, cvScalarAll(0), 3, 8, 0 );
                                    if(i == 0)
                                            block2_point_o1 = center;
                                            block2_rect_o2.x = (r->x)*scale;
                                            block2_rect_o2.y = (r->y)*scale;
                                            block2_rect_o2.width = (r->width)*scale;
                                            block2_rect_o2.height = (r->height)*scale;
     cvReleaseImage( &gray );
            cvReleaseImage( &small_img );
    block7_rect_i2 = block2_rect_o2;// RECT conection
    block7_img_i1 = cvCloneImage(block2_img_o3);// IMAGE conection
    block12_img_i1 = cvCloneImage(block2_img_o3);// IMAGE conection
    //Weight: 3
    block12_img_o1 = cvCloneImage(block12_img_i1);
    cvSaveImage("/home/user/Desktop/facedetect.png" ,block12_img_i1, 0);
    //Weight: 5
            block7_rect_i2.x = MAX(0,block7_rect_i2.x);//Check whether point is negative
            block7_rect_i2.y = MAX(0,block7_rect_i2.y);
            block7_rect_i2.x = MIN(block7_img_i1->width-1,block7_rect_i2.x);//Check whether point is out of the image
            block7_rect_i2.y = MIN(block7_img_i1->height-1,block7_rect_i2.y);
            block7_rect_i2.width =  MIN(block7_img_i1->width-block7_rect_i2.x,block7_rect_i2.width);//Check  whether rect reaches out of the image
            block7_rect_i2.height = MIN(block7_img_i1->height-block7_rect_i2.y,block7_rect_i2.height);
            block7_img_o1 =  cvCreateImage(cvSize(block7_rect_i2.width,block7_rect_i2.height),  block7_img_i1->depth,block7_img_i1->nChannels);
            cvSaveImage("/home/user/Desktop/face2.png" ,block7_img_i1, 0);
    block8_img_i1 = cvCloneImage(block7_img_o1);// IMAGE conection
    //Weight: 6
    block8_img_o1 = cvCloneImage(block8_img_i1);
    cvSaveImage("/home/user/Desktop/face.png" ,block8_img_i1, 0);
    //cvSaveImage("/home/user/Desktop/face2.png" ,block7_img_i1, 0);
            cvNamedWindow("Control Window",CV_WINDOW_AUTOSIZE );
            //deallocation block
    return 0;
    } //closing main()

    Thanks for reading
    hope you can help me

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    the 3 times you call cvSaveImage, you give it a fixed filename. so yes it overwrites whatever was there before. you need to give that function a different filename each time you run. you could pass that in as a second argument, or perhaps take the input filename, modify it and use that in cvSaveImage. the easiest way to start would be adding a second argument with the output filename.

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    A simple solution would be to add a time-stamp of some sort to the end of the file name.
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    hey folks,
    thx for your answers!!
    i know the code is not beautiful, so thanks for taking the time to read it!
    Yes, i suppose i should give it an second argument...
    what i imagine would be the best, that the second argument is a starting value of an integer which will be counting higher, when the programm detects a face and give the counted value as output filename.
    But I have no clue haow to do it
    could you help me?

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    > But I have no clue haow to do it
    > could you help me?
    You managed to read through the openCV manual and construct a face detection program, but you can't even manage to create a variable filename?
    It's bad enough that you tried to palm off copy/paste code as your own work.
    The fact that the bulk of 'your' code seems to have been machine generated just makes it worse.

    At least do yourself a favour and copy from another human.
    Copying "Auto-generated C Code" with lots of useless machine-generated variable names like block12_img_i1 and block7_rect_i2 isn't going to teach you anything useful at all.

    References :: Eine Frage zu OpenCV
    c - OpenCV, Harpia, face detection, save more than face - Stack Overflow
    c - OpenCV: after exporting source code from harpia: "too few arguments to function
    OpenCV, Harpia, face detection, save more than face | BlogoSfera
    Eine Frage zu OpenCV @ coding-board - Das Forum für Programmierer
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    HI Salem,

    thanks for your reply.

    I did auto generated the code with a tool called Harpia, then take the source code and edited for my use.
    I didn't want to make anybody angry, but I think i diddnt anything wrong by using harpia, editing code and ask for help in a coding board.

    Sorry if thats wrong in your Eyes.

    edit: what you googled there is an question in stackoverflow from myself o0
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