Thread: EOF and getchar() problem

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    EOF and getchar() problem

    hi guys

    I'm challenged to write a code for the following:

    write a text up to 1000 characters, and get it back. the end of the text is detected though EOF on a new line or reaching 1000 characters.(EOF=ctr-Z on a new line)

    I mainly have problem how to bring the EOF work probably. it doesn't react when I press ctrl-z directly . could you see the problem in the code?

    int i;
        char Text[1000];
     printf("write the text:\n");
     Text[i]=getchar();                  //read every sign
     if((Text[i]=getchar()== '26' || i==1000)){   //26 is the ASCII code for ctrl-z
        return EXIT_SUCCESS;

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    check two things: operator precedence of '==' vs '=' vs '||', and what value is '26' (hint, its not 26 decimal). best to put parentheses around each term you want to isolate in your expression.
    run this snippet :
    #include <stdio.h>
    int main(int argc,char *argv[])
    	int a = '26';
        return 0;
    edit: read the second paragraph in this link :
    C syntax - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
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    Read twice the post of dmh and then take a look here, in order to see how one uses EOF. It was from the very first occurrences of EOF in our ip course, so I think it can help.
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    Thanks guys!! it worked

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