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    Question pthreads join problem

    I am trying to emulate callback mechanism in C. The code I have is follows:

    #include <stdio.h>
    #include <pthread.h>
    struct fopen_struct {
        char *filename;
        char *mode;
        void *(*callback) (FILE *);
    void *fopen_callback(FILE *);
    pthread_t fopen_t(void *(*callback)(FILE *), const char *, const char *);
    void *__fopen_t__(void *);
    pthread_t fopen_t(void *(*callback)(FILE *), const char *filename, const char *mode) {
        struct fopen_struct args;
        args.filename = filename;
        args.mode = mode;
        args.callback = callback;
        pthread_t thread;
        pthread_create(&thread, NULL, &__fopen_t__, &args);
        //pthread_join ??
        return thread;
    void *__fopen_t__(void *ptr) {
        printf("I am done!\n");
        struct fopen_struct *args = (struct fopen_struct *)ptr;
        FILE *result = fopen(args -> filename, args -> mode);
        args -> callback(result);
    int main() {
        pthread_t thread = fopen_t(&fopen_callback, "test.txt", "r");
        //pthread_join ??
    void *fopen_callback(FILE *stream) {
        if (stream != NULL)
            printf("Opened file successfully\n");
    If I do a pthread_join in fopen_t() it works perfectly fine. But if I do that in main() I get a segmentation fault error. I want to call it in main() because I want it to be non-blocking, is there any solution?

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    in line 20 you are passing pointer to local var args to pthread_create

    you fopen_t could exit before __fopen_t__ will read this memory
    as a result __fopen_t__ will access uninitialized memory.

    you need to use malloc to allocate args in fopen_t and free it in the __fopen_t__ after the data was read from the struct
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