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    string in reverse

    I need to write a program that reads one line from the keyboard as a string and then displays the string in reverse print.

    The reading a line from the keyboard as a string I understand, and I can make it display the string...but the reverse is giving me fits. I either get a jumble or an error....any help on how to do this would be appreciated. Thanks

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    I really like helping people that don't even read further down on the same freeking page!!!

    Here is a fun way:
    void r( void )
    	int c = fgetc(stdin);
    	if( c != '\n' ) r( );
    	printf("%c", c );
    int main ( void )
    	printf("Enter a string: ");
    	r( );
    	return 0;
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    heres another function that works (sorry I dont like function recursion, only reason I'm suggesting this one):
    void stringreverse(char tempstr[])
      char length;
      char counter;
      char tempchar;
      length = stringlen(tempstr)-1;
        tempchar = tempstr[counter];
        tempstr[counter] = tempstr[length-counter];
        tempstr[length-counter] = tempchar;

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