Thread: Losing number in quick sort

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    Losing number in quick sort

    I'm tinkering with a serial quick sort algorithm. Normally I use qsort() but I wanted to test this.

    Somehow I loose the highest number. I can't see where I drop it. If someone here could point it out...
    // Help function to quicksort, leave them in front of qsort.
    void swap(float_t *left, float_t *right){
       float_t temp;
       temp = *left;
       *left = *right;
       *right = temp;
    // Help function to quicksort, this works like a charm on random dist numbers.
    int pivot(int i, int j){
       return ((i+j)/2); 
    // Quick sort..
    void quick_sort(float_t * array, int low, int high){
       int start, end, piv;
       float_t k;
      if (low < high){
         piv = pivot(low,high);
         k = array[low];
         start = (low+1);
         end = high;
         while (start <= end)
            while ((start <= high) && (array[start] <= k)){ start++; }
            while ((end >= low) && (array[end] > k)){ end--; }
            if (start < end){ swap(&array[start],&array[end]);}

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    I've tested it and I can't see anything wrong with it either.

    I suspect the bug is in your test code. It's very easy to mix up high, the maximum index, with N, the count, or high + 1.
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    I think I know what I did. I allocated a N size array. When I call the function I did it like this q_sort(array, 0 , N); I guess it should be N-1.

    Thanks Malcolm for the input, it made me think twice about mixing up indexes.

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