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    Linked List Problems

    i have a problem with linked goes.

    So far i have a struct like this;

    struct details
    char* firstname;
    char* lastname;
    int age;

    struct node

    struct details data;
    struct node* link;


    now how am i supposed to make a linked list from this. i know how to get user input but not how to populate a linked list.
    could anyone please help?

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    You make a node point to the next one. But first u havta allocate memory for that new node.

    struct node *newPtr;
    newPtr = malloc( sizeof( struct node ) );
    *currentPtr->nextPtr = newPtr;
    only the theory

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    so now if i create an instance of the struct e.g

    struct details d;

    and have a user enter details for it e.g


    do i simply have to write sumthing like

    ptrNew->next = d;

    or smuthing different?

    if u havent guessed i am new at this :-D

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    Thats exactly what i need to know as well, im (really) new to C progarmming and need all the info and help i can

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    Here's a simple linked list that counts from 0 to 9 with the root node being -1. It doesn't check for any errors, so keep that in mind:
    #include <stdio.h>
    #include <stdlib.h>
    struct node
      int data;
      struct node *next;
    int main ( void )
      int x;
      /* Declare all of the node pointers that we will
      ** need through the course of the program and
      ** allocate memory for the root node.
      struct node *iter, *whisker, 
                  *root = malloc ( sizeof *root );
      iter = root;
      iter->data = -1, iter->next = NULL;
      /* Populate the list by allocating memory for
      ** the current node's next pointer. This way
      ** we can then move iter to the next node easily.
      for ( x = 0; x < 10; x++ ) {
        iter->next = malloc ( sizeof *iter );
        iter = iter->next;
        iter->data = x, iter->next = NULL;
      /* Print the list with neato link symbols ^_^
      for ( iter = root; iter != NULL; iter = iter->next )
        printf ( "%d %s", iter->data, ( iter->next != NULL ) ? "-> " : "\n" );
      /* Free the allocated memory so that the system
      ** can now use it. The list has been created, 
      ** used, and destroyed after this loop.
      for ( iter = root; iter != NULL; iter = whisker ) {
        whisker = iter->next;
        free ( iter );
      /* When we're through tidying up after outselves,
      ** we can end the program.
      return 0;
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