Thread: C Boot code? ha?

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    C Boot code? ha?

    When I write a new boot script I always do it in asm but have anyone ever done it with C? I cant imagin it. My profiser told me that he has done it. HOW, Only in C? With out any other langauge. If some one knows please help me. If i dont find out I think I will go mad and he will NEVER tell me!!!!! HAAAAAAAAA
    Hammm I could prove him rung :-| or can I?


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    Talking asm

    in c you can call asm...
    i cannot go into detail about this,

    you can take a look at this code fragment

    void setcur(int _setcursor_){
    union REGS reg;
    reg.h.ah = 1;

    if( _setcursor_ > 2 ){ _setcursor_=_setcursor_ % 2 ;}
    if( _setcursor_ == 0 ) { = 32;}
    if( _setcursor_ == 1 ) { = 1;}
    if( _setcursor_ == 2) { = 8;} = 9;

    this function i made, will set the cursor to normal, Block or set the cursor off

    as you can see this is some assembly. if i am not mistaken....

    well to every one you can copy the code freely

    " programming is 1% syntax and 99% logic "

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