Thread: Storing an Array that is Dynamically Allocated of a Struct

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    Storing an Array that is Dynamically Allocated of a Struct

    I'm trying to read in a file and store it in an array that is dynamically allocated of a struct (which I'm not sure how to do), then parse each line using strtok() from string.h.
    The idea is to separate the lines by date, subject, time, etc.

    Since the array is a dynamically allocated of typdef struct, it's sorted by the date of each struct, with an intial size of 25. But whenever the array needs to be resized, it should be doubled.

    Any tips on what to do?
    Sorry for the question may seem unclear. Let me know if you need clarification.


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    Would using realloc() to increase the size of the array of structures as needed help here?

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