Thread: int / float MAX value ???

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    Question int / float MAX value ???

    Could someone please tell what the maximum and minimum values are for both type int and float (easy question I know but I can't find a reference to it anywhere).

    Also, are INT_MAX and INT_MIN the equivalents?

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    Names defined in <limits.h> specifying the limits on the reanges of integral types.

    ---Type Name----|----Min Value------|------Max Value--
    ================|===================|============= ====
    signed char----|----SCHAR_MIN------|-----SCHAR_MAX---
    unsigned char--|---------0---------|-----UHAR_MAX----
    unsigned short-|---------0---------|-----USHRT_MAX---
    unsigned int---|---------0---------|-----UINT_MAX----
    unsigned long--|---------0---------|-----ULONG_MAX---

    now just print these with there format specifiers for example

    printf("signed char\nMAX: %c \nMIN: %c \n", SCHAR_MAX, SCHAR_MIN);

    these are the min and max value for your computer, (they are normally similar on most or all computers)

    Theres a neater attachement of the table


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