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    fgets in C Programming

    I am relatively new to C Programming and have been working for about a week to try and make the following code work.

    I have been able to open the file, but when I try to read a line with fgets, I get nothing and a parse error prior to char *num. When I remove the tokenString. . . I compile with no error, but of course, it doesn't read the line. Would someone check the syntax of what I've written and see what I'm missing?


    if(Ptrbook == NULL) printf("Error opening file\n");

    else (printf("File is open\n"));

    { /*Open book assign*/

    tokenString = (fgets(buffer,int RECORDLENGTH, Ptrbook));

    char *num = strtok(oneline, "\t");
    char *name = strtok(NULL, "\t");
    char *author = strtok(NULL, "\t");
    char *pub = strtok(NULL, "\n");
    int i;

    printf("%d\n", num);
    printf("%s\n", name);
    printf("%s\n", author);
    printf("%s\n", pub);


    Thank you! Your assistance would be greatly appreciated!


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    whats the int doing there??
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    This is how you would print the text file to stdout

    char buff[100];
    while ( fgets( buff, sizeof(buff), Ptrbook ) != NULL ) {
        printf( "%s", buff );
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