Thread: C programming,very short question?

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    C programming,very short question?

    I have an absolute path to a directory and name of .c file to be compiled and maybe run it if it is possible ? (using gcc like gcc test.c and then ./a.out to run)

    I want to use execlp to run the command and I think before using execlp I need to call :
    setenv("PATH", newpath);
    I am new to system programing and I am wondering can someone help me to write that line of code

    int execlp(const char *path, const char *arg0, ..., NULL);

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    Well you seem to have everything you need, short of actually trying it for yourself.
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    execlp terminates the calling program, the executes the child. So virtually always you need to call fork(), test that you are in the child branch of the fork(), then call execlp.
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