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    Quick Multiple Choice Problems


    I am taking an introduction to C course at college, and we were recently assigned homework problems that consisted of around 10 multiple choice problems. Since I can't post them below, I attached the problems to a PDF file. Below I will post my solutions. It would be greatly appreciated if you could help me out. Also, please do explain the answers because I am looking to actually understand the concepts

    1) Not sure.

    2) I have A because it is performing the formula 5-i, and the for statement is starting with i = 0 and ending with i=5.

    3) I have C, since it is calling numbers from 0 to 10, then adding 1.

    4) Not sure.

    5) I have C. After 1 and 2, it will be forced to generate 3 zeros because x[5] is stating that the array has 5 integers.

    6) Not sure.

    7) I have A.

    8) Not sure.

    9) I have C because the statement is calling numbers from 0 to 5, and then adding 1.

    10) I have D. a[0] = 1, a[1] = 2, and a[2] = 3.

    Thanks again and have a good day!

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    After looking at it one more time, I think #3 is B, not C. Also, for #6 I got C, but please correct me if I am wrong.

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