Thread: need help with finding errors

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    need help with finding errors

    //question 1
    int main()
    int choice = -1, num1,num2,trials = 0;
    //give the user a max of five trials
    while((choice = -1) && trials <5)
        printf("Enter a number : ");
        printf("Enter another number: ");
        printf("Their sum is %d\n",(num1+num2));
        printf("Enter -1 to repeat, 1 to exit");
        return 0;
    //question 2
    int a = -75;
    if(a != 0)
        printf("The number is different from 0\n");
        printf("Please enter another number \n");
    else if (a<0)
        printf("The number is negative \n");
        printf("The number is positive \n");
    There are 2 questions, as I posted in the above.
    The question says there is one error in each questions.
    I tried to find errors but, I couldn't find any....
    I even tried to run the program and it worked fine.
    Could anyone help me with finding errors?

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    For the first one, try exiting the program early. For the second one, try to obtain the output "The number is negative \n".
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    Thank you very much for your help!!!
    I think I found errors...
    For the first one, there is no statement to exit the program and for the second one, there is "else if" instead of "if".

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    while((choice = -1) && trials <5)
    Note that = is an assignment, not a comparison.

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