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    2 dimentional array

    I am making a program to ask a user for input, and stored them in an array thereafter it supposed to print the information using a function called display. The problem I am having is when I try to compile it gives me a core dumped error. Help will be much appreciated. 
    here are the code
    void display(int x[10][10]);
    int main(void)
            int array[10][10];
            int n, m,j,i;
            printf("Enter number of rows: ");
            scanf("%d", &m);
            printf("Enter number of colums: ");
            scanf("%d", n);
            for (i=0; i<n; i++) {
                    for (j = 0; j<m; j++){
                            printf( "Enter rows[%d] and colums[%d] : ", i, j);
                            scanf( "%d", &array[i][j]);
            printf("array[%d][%d]", array[i][j]);
            printf("array[%d] = [%d]", array[i][j]);
            display( array);
            return 0;
    void display(int x[10][10]){
            int i, j;
            for(i=0; i<10; i++)
                    for(j=0; j<10; j++)
                            printf("%d\n", x[i][j]);

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    Line #15; type of n is int rather than int *. You probably want to check scanf's return value as well, or just get a C reference (like K&R2) that doesn't teach you to write shotty code.

    edit: Oh, and there are some other issues too. Certain values of m and n can make your program access invalid elements of "array". The display function can also make your program blow up (accessing uninitialised values) if the values of m and n aren't both 10.
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    thank you

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