Thread: prototype function sqrt velocity(v)

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    prototype function sqrt velocity(v)

    question I am trying to computed the time it takes for a projectile to hit the ground. 
     the problem is that i need to square the imput of velocity before i do the calculation. the question I have is that if it's possible to have multiple arguments inside the brakets after main and if it is can someone help me.
    #include <stdio.h>
    #include <math.h>
    double distance (double a, double v, double g);
    int square(int y);
    double height(double v, double a, double g);
    double time (double v, double a, double g);
    double sqrt(double num);
    int main(void)
            double d, h, datha, v, t;
            int velocity, degrees;
            const double pi=3.14159265359; // the value of pi
            const double g= 9.81; // acceleration due to gravity m/s^2
            printf(" enter the angle in degrees");
            scanf("%d", &degrees);
            datha = degrees * pi/180;
            printf("Enter the initial veloity\n");
      printf("Enter the initial veloity\n");
            scanf("%lf", &v);
            velocity = square(v);
            d = distance(datha, velocity,g);
            printf("the reange of the projectile was %.2f\n: ", d);
            h = height(datha, velocity, g);
            printf("the maximum height achieveid was:%.2lf: ", h);
            t = time(datha, velocity, g);
            printf(" the time was %.2f", t);
            return 0;
    int square(int y){
            return pow(y,2);
    double distance(double a, double v, double g ){
                          return v *sin(2*a)/g;
    double height(double v, double a, double g){
            return v*sin(a)/g;
    double time(double v, double a, double g){
            return sqrt v;
            return 2*v*sin(a)/g;

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    this is the error I am getting

    q1.c:51: error: incompatible types when returning type ‚double (*)(double)‚ but ‚double‚ was expected
    q1.c:51: error: expected ‚;‚ before ‚v‚

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    sqrt is the name of a function in the standard library, available via <math.h>. Use a different name. The same goes for time, though since you did not include <time.h> that name collision probably just has not surfaced yet.
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