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    logic error

    I am using function to find  the range of a projectile, but whenever I try to run the program it will return zero 0.00. Can someone help me solve this logic problem. thanks in advance.
    #include <stdio.h>
    #include <math.h>
    double distance (double a, double v, double g);
    int square(int y);
    int main(void)
            double v, d, h, datha, degrees, velocity;
            const int pi=3.14159265359;
            const double g= 9.8;
            printf(" enter the angle in degrees");
            scanf("%.2f", &degrees);
            datha = degrees * pi/180;
            printf("Enter the initial veloity\n");
            scanf("%.2f\n", &v);
            velocity = square(v);
            d= distance(datha, velocity,g);
            printf("the reange of the projectile was %.2f", d);
            return 0;
    int square(int y){
            return pow(y,2);
    double distance(double a, double v, double g ){
            return v *sin(2*a)/g;

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    Well for starters int's can't contain fractional parts:
     const int pi=3.14159265359; //????
    Second why are you using a floating point function (pow) to return an int?

    Third you are misusing the scanf() function. You need to insure the format specifier matches the variable. Your's don't match, "%f" is the specifier for a float, not a double.

    Note I didn't look for any "logic" errors, the syntax errors may be your problem. You may want to insure your compiler is generating the maximum number of warnings and never ignore warnings.

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    it work, I appreciated all your help and time thxxx :-P

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